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The first batch of 150 Dongfeng lotus city buses delivered to customers in Sultan

click: 次  source:未知 time:2016-12-30

The morning of September 16th, the first batch of 150 Dongfeng lotus city bus stops at the Dongfeng fully equipped for the new energy bus position square, coming to Sultan. Assistant General Manager of Dongfeng Automobile Limited by Share Ltd, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Marketing Co., general manager and Party Secretary Mr.Zhang Xiaofan with the golden key to delivery of Sultan GIAD company on behalf of the hands.
The general manager of Dongfeng Automobile Company overseas business department Mei Taihua, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Xiangyang Travel Car Co., Mei Xiaoming, Sultan GIAD, a delegate and Dongfeng new energy positions of employees to participate in the delivery ceremony on behalf of hundreds of people.
Sultan customer GIAD is the largest car manufacturer in Sultan, is also one of the largest car dealers, but also the only government authorized car KD assembly qualification of the company in Sultan. 150 lotus bus this delivery is the diesel version of the city bus, 8.1 m in length, with 160 horsepower engine of Dongfeng Cummins and Dongfeng axle. It is reported that this is the largest overseas car shares Dongfeng Automobile orders, but also Dongfeng Automobile Shares so far the largest lotus customer orders. This is the Dongfeng Automobile Company overseas business department joint Dongfeng travel car company to open up overseas markets an important victory, which lasted 12 months, with the collaboration, Dongfeng passenger car in Sultan firm and indomitable writing market legend, significance.
Delivery ceremony, Mei Taihua introduced the background of the project. Dongfeng passenger car and Sultan customer cooperation originated in the April 2013 Shanghai auto show, overseas business division to the Sultan car dealer GIAD company recommended Dongfeng lotus bus, the two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation. From September 2013, Sultan customers to Xiangyang field visits, the two sides signed a preliminary agreement to purchase bulk purchase agreement until June 2014, due to foreign exchange control issues led to the difficult phase of the project into the payment. The project is almost aground, overseas business difficulties, after many tireless communication and coordination, money problems has been settled substantially, the first batch of 150 citybus orders, finally landing.
Orders received after the contract, Dongfeng Touring Car Co., Ltd. to respond quickly, in the investigation of Sultan vehicle operating conditions on the basis of the first order from the design of the size of more than 20 improvement, including the vehicle through the cooling capacity, and increase the engine intake to avoid dust, air conditioning, reliable sealing property of rubber. In the company of high status, human resource shortage, through working overtime and concerted cooperation to ensure the test sample by mass production and timeliness. At the meeting, Mei Xiaoming also introduced to customers and participants of the Dongfeng lotus city bus product performance and service security.
It is understood that the capital city of Khartoum is currently used mainly in Japan, a brand of second-hand buses, the state government is planning to promote the use of new cars to replace the second-hand bus. Therefore, the market capacity is very large, Dongfeng bus entered in time, will lay a good foundation for the subsequent entry into the Sultan market. Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. and Sultan customers have signed a cooperation agreement on long term bus by the end of 2013. These 150 buses is only the first batch of Sultan customers booking, follow-up will also have a continuous order. According to the agreement with GIAD, the subsequent orders will be in the form of SKD to promote.

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